Monday, July 25, 2011

Woe is Joe

I have been a good boy and I am now officially a hunting dog. Yes - I got my first squirrel, much to Ma's surprise. He was lollygagging around not far from where I was reposing in the yard in Pasadena. I sprung to action can imagine the rest. There was much screaming on the part of Ma's friend so I dropped old Joe, as we named him, and was escorted back into the house. News of Joe's demise spread fast so now there are no more squirrels in the backyard.

Ma spends a lot of time in SoCal now and I went to visit and made new friends.
Karen and Puggles

I met Max - little Max, a Welsh Springer Spaniel like Mars
Max needs some training - from me!
A casual dinner! 
The cast - that's Mars with Margarita next to me and Carlotta
Ma and I were invited to Margarita's house so we invited Mars and Carlotta. We thought we were just going to play for a bit and come home but they had a splendid dinner laid out for the humans. I was in charge of keeping little Max out of trouble which was quite a job since he is only 8 months a a bundle of energy.  When things got out of control, Mars came and helped.

All in all, it has been an interesting summer. So, til my next misadventure, have fun, be safe and beware the Airedale if you be a squirrel like Joe.

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  1. I dream of catching the devil squirrel that lives in my yard. Way to go Max!

    Nubbin wiggles,