Sunday, May 15, 2011

Castle Crags

I have been a good boy and I got to go to Dunsmuir and Castle Crags in Northern Cali with Ma and Pa. It was my first camping trip.
Our car looked like a Pyranha kayak commercial

We had our own private creek next to our campsite

I figured out how to ford creeks

Slummin' it -- the wayback was my bed
Ma and I went hiking while Pa kayaked
 Ma and I drove to Castle Crags State Park but they wouldn't let me in since I'm a dog. Drat! So instead, we drove to the National Forest nearby to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. They don't mind dogs and it was free, which was great. Who wants to pay $8 just to hike, anyway?
Waiting for Ma - I try not to get too far ahead, in fact,
in new territory, I try to follow rather than lead

All the little creeks were running
 We were looking for some waterfalls but we took a wrong turn. It didn't really matter - it was a fun adventure with fabulous views.
A lot of snow up thar mountains

The Trinity Alps
On the hike back, we encountered a rattlesnake! Lucky for me, I was behind Ma since I prefer to follow rather than lead in unknown territory. The snake was in some dry leaves off the side of the trail and he gave us a good rattle. We knew there was one other hiker behind us so Ma and I waited for him to catch up. He had a hiking stick which he used to distract the snake while we took a detour behind him. Of course, Ma had me vaccinated for rattlesnake venom so that should buy me some time if I'm struck - an awful thought, nonetheless.

All in all, we hiked about 4 hrs. When we got back to camp, we had some ~splainin' to do since Ma forgot to tell anyone where we were going or when we were planning to get back. The next day, we did some sightseeing with Pa. This was Pa's first time this far north in Cali.

A view of the Crags 

North Fork Castle Creek
So, be good, be safe and 'til my next misadventure, shake, rattle and roll over Mr. Viper, we're passing through.

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